MeyerMonitor's Strategic Dialogue

We believe capable, committed and strategically aware people are the foundation for sustainable success within organizations. Your strategy needs to be a source of daily focus, inspiration and action. Research shows that less than 60% of your strategy is ultimately realized. Too often the strategy ends as a paper tiger. 

MeyerMonitor's 5-step Strategy Engagement approach leverages the full potential of your human capital, and supports you to realize your full strategic value with a strategy that is transferable and owned by the organization.


It is all about “striking a balance between managing financial performance and organizational capabilities” and “managing by strategic pull and operational push” , as described by our founder and Nyenrode Business University professor Fred Lachotzki in his book Managing Beyond Control.


With our 5-step Strategy Engagement approach you will get clear insights into the level of organizational alignment, strengths and weaknesses in realizing the strategy. Our live and online dialogue tools enable you to create a strategic dialogue and continuously activate your people around the strategic objectives and development needs. The result is higher strategy execution power, and more focus, alignment and engagement.


MeyerMonitor is a very thorough survey that provides direct access to strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The outcome is crisp and actionable. MeyerMonitor people really care about offering insights that help improve organizational performance.

Rogier Rijnja
Senior Vice President HR

Since 2009 MeyerMonitor is our partner in following and discussing progress on engagement, leadership and corporate values. This has led to meaningfull dialogue and important insights contributing to our value creation, not in the least because they asks the right questions and inspires.

Henk-Jan Maas
Manager HR


MeyerMonitor stands out as a company by the quality of their survey, systems and excellent people. They simply make sure you truly get a grip on the engagement and alignment of your people, and get you the insights to take the right actions.

Rogier Rijnja
HR Director

MM's team helped us to communicate our Vision 2015 to key employees in a way that had a lasting impact. Vision and Strategy have passion now, and everybody feels compelled to participate. 

Han Defauwes
Chief Executive Officer


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